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Scito Edicions

Scito Edicions

Scito Edicions is the publisher of the Scito Foundation. The support for language and knowledge, in all its versions, defines our work. Our publications cover narrative, essay and poetry with the demand for quality in form and content.

Pous de memòria. Terrats a cora mar.

A collection of tales that will take you to the most exuberant Mediterranean. Stories of a multicultural and welcoming land. A realistic fiction, from nowadays but also from a long time ago.

Senyals del Territori. Un Mapa del temps.

The author invites us to reflect on the relationship between the human species and the Mediterranean nature, a millenary connection that has evolved from rudimentary agriculture to the…

La Conjectura Canamel o el Sacrifici del Bateig

Nelo Canamel is a scientist dedicated to theoretical physics who will see his world transformed from the 20th to the 31st century… How is this possible? Beyond science fiction, life and science…

Ucronies. Història Alternativa.

It gathers 30 moments in time of what might have been but isn´t… Franco in exile? John Lennon still alive? Explore the maze outlined of an alternative reality; or maybe it is our reality?

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