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 class=Contes de la Gran Tartària i de més enllà

Marite i les dones

De Dunkerque al Montgó: L’aventura de la mesura del metre

La Conjectura Canamel o el Sacrifici del Bateig


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La Conjectura Canamel o el Sacrifici del Bateig

Who knows if a primary impulse pushes somewhere unexplored where unforeseeable wealth awaits you?

Contes de la Gran Tartària i de més enllà

«Close your eyes, imagine yourself on a couch, and let yourself be carried away to some fabled country of those where all truth is a lie and all lies, truth.»

Encarna Sant-Celoni i Verger

Marite i les dones goril·la

«Marite and the Gorilla Women is a fun feminist comedy, but it is also a tribute to teachers and their indispensable task to build a just and equal society.»

Teresa Sanchis Labiós

De Dunkerque al Montgó: L’aventura de la mesura del metre

«De Dunkerke al Montgó, is a new book that tells the adventure of measuring the subway at the beginning of the 19th century in the southern regions of the Valencian Country. Méchain, Biot, Aragón were in charge of measuring the arc of the meridian to define the universal unit of measurement, the meter. This story has been compiled and very much presented by Josep Lluís Doménech, Pep Martínez Romero, Vicent R. Chorro and Florencio Burrel.»

Juan Bisquert

La Conjectura Canamel o el Sacrifici del Bateig

«Bisquert weaves a story of overflowing imagination that combines narrative fiction with quantum computing, the theory of consciousness, the uncertainty principle, viticulture, psychedelic drugs and personal survival.» Scito Edicions

Pous de memòria. Terrats a vora mar.

«Only from this passionate threshold can be understood the pen, the gazed eye, of a portraitist concerned with the evocation and lyricism of the moments that spin an existence by the sea.» Jovi Lozano-Seser

Ucronies. Història Alternativa.

«Warning to the reader: in this book you will find all the answers in the questions that you have never asked yourself, you will know the truths that nobody has ever explained to you and you will discover the best kept secrets in history. But you have to know that if you play the game of * ucronies, there is no going back.» Scito Edicions

Senyals del Territori. Un Mapa del temps.

«It is a creation process that results in a spatial image that is capable of synthesizing strictly material reality with the emotions and memory of those who have interacted with this landscape!» Fèlix Edo Tena

Vicent Caselles. Matemàtica i passió.

«A book that records the scientific and mathematical excellence of a brilliant mind, as well as the human and passionate energy of a unique person.» Scito Edicions