About us

Scito Edicions, the editorial of the Scito Foundation

Scito Edicions is the publisher of the Scito Foundation. The support for language, creativity and knowledge, in all its versions, defines our work.

This project is part of the Scito Foundation, a private non-profit organization, located in València. Our publications cover narrative, essay and poetry with the demand for quality in form and content. Scito Edicions is also working on cultural and scientific dissemination, so we publish books related to science and mathematics.

Scito Edicions intends to present authors of high quality and potential but not yet well known in the editorial landscape of literature in the Catalan language. In Scito Edicions we publish books by vocation. We want the maximum possible number of readers to reach the works that we publish, and to do with our work a nexus of union and complicity between them and all the agents that participate in the process of creation and literary dissemination.

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