Contes de la Gran Tartària i de més enllà (Còpia)

Contes de la Gran Tartària i de més enllà (Còpia)


Would you like to know how a son of a king ended up being a tailor and how he became a son of a king again? … Or how a genius exchanged the fates of a young prince and a young princess? … Or what happened because a experienced hunter will be hunted by an elephant tamer? …

Transport yourself to the lands of the East to discover the stories of the mythical lands of the Grande * Tartària … Ferocious elephants, magical elixirs, healing snakes, good and demonic geniuses; the prophet Muhammad or the grandsons of * Genghis Khan …

All through the voice of a young storyteller who, every afternoon, gathers her faithful parishioners in the family cafe, where they congregate to listen to stories told and written a pile of years ago of how the capricious destiny plays with the lives of sultanas. and caliphs, princes and princesses, warriors and bandits.

And now, close your eyes, imagine yourself on a couch, listen to the voice of this Syriac * xahrazad of prodigious memory and let yourself be carried away to some fabled country of those where all truth is a lie and all lies, truth.

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Encarna Sant-Celoni i Verger


ISBN-10: 978-84-947758-8-8


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