Els viatges singulars

Els viatges singulars


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We travel to know, to discover, to enjoy. We travel as a challenge, as an habit or due to work or family matters. We travel with a return date or indefinitely, with or without a map, with many plans or with only one: improvising. Some people, more than traveling, flee: from a war, from misery, from someone who has hurt them. We spend time and money to travel to other continents or to the nearest town, although sometimes the best trip can be to the bakery where we buy bread every day.

Sometimes we travel with somebody, but we always travel alone. Traveling always means an internal journey that nobody can live for us. The external trip can be shared; the personal cannot. The book ‘Els Viatges Singulars’ is a compilation of 29 stories by authors that tell about their non-transferable journey, their experience and their emotions.


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Irene Rodrigo, David Pla, Jovi Seser, Joan Carles Ventura, Susana Gisbert, Marta Giné i més




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