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Descriu – La revista més vital

Descriu is a magazine in Valencian configured by the authors, without guidance or planning of a committee. The readers are who choose what prefer to read. Here you will find reviews of books, poetry, articles, stories, essay, delusions… and much more.

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Anyone can share stories, poems and essays in Descriu.

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The access to the web is totally free, you can do a search for the different sections or follow a specific author that you like.


Històries per a tu: stories, microstories, short stories … various names define the short and quality writings that authors publish freely day by day.

Emocions en vers: Poems, rhymes and verses in all the variants of Catalan that have their special place in Descriu.

Pensament i opinió: Reflections on all possible imaginations made from a personal point of view, prioritizing respect for all. A space where anyone can express themselves freely.

Comunitat: On Descriu the stories have face and eyes, so we have created a space for authors where they can share stories on social networks, comment on them, exchange views with readers and readers, and knit and create their own audience.

Sèries: The series consist of a set of articles published periodically and with a certain expressive or thematic link by an author who has been invited to do a continuous section considering his/her activity in the magazine. These are original and are first published in Descriu.

Currently the series that can be followed are:

  • Els senyals del territori (Germà García Belmonte)
  • De lectures i digestions (Carme Pinyana)
  • Pous de memòria (Joan Mascarell)
  • Calaix de sastressa (Jenni Rodà)